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      "Nan, behave. Come here." The pair took the sofa. "How did he look and act when he first came in? Before you froze him stiff?"

      Esmeralda noticed that Lord Trafford and the girl seemed great friends, and remarked upon it to Lady Wyndover, when they were chatting in Esmeraldas room, before going to bed.

      The old man had passed away into the land of Peace and[245] Rest; had passed away with Esmeraldas tear still glittering upon his face, with the smile which her kiss had awakened still lingering on his lips.

      Varley gave the slightest of nods, and Taffy leaned against a chair and sighed with maudlin tenderness.

      "Cap, what's wrong; bad news?"


      God bless you, my dear! he said; and as obeying an[148] impulse, she knelt by his chair, and he laid his hand on her head. God bless you! he repeated.To this effect, though written with a daintier pen, were certain lines but a few hours old, that twenty-fourth of April, in a diary which through many months had received many entries since the one that has already told us of its writer paired at Doctor Sevier's dinner-party with a guest now missing, and of her hearing, in the starlight with that guest, the newsboys' cry that his and her own city's own Beauregard had opened fire on Fort Sumter and begun this war--which now behold!